When in Rome...

Monday, 19 September 2016

.. stroll over the Campo de' Fiori to look at and shop fresh fruit and veg, homemade pasta, big bouquets of flowers...
 ... take advantage of the numerous water fountains spread out through the city - no need to buy water, just refill your bottle.
... do some nun spotting, especially around the Vatican.
 ... take a walk through via Margutta, my personal favourite street.
 ... walk through Villa Borghese, which is not actually a villa but a park, and go punting for 5€ per boat (make sure to bring cash with you because we didn't actually go punting as we didn't have enough cash on us...)
 ... do some wedding spotting on the weekends - we saw at least three weddings in just one day!
... have a delicious meal at the Margutta RistorArte and enjoy vegan amazingness like pasta with caramelised figs or seitan scaloppina with wine sauce (we loved it so much, we ate there twice).

 ... visit the Fontana di Trevi during the day...
 ... and at night when it's quieter.
 ... have a strong cafè (espresso) on the terrace of a cute Italian café whilst writing postcards to loved ones. 
 ... clim up the 300-something steps of the St. Peter's Dome and admire a fantastic view of the city (the climb will be worth it).
 ... escape the hot and bustling city and hop onto a train that'll take you down to Ostia in just over thirty minutes, take a dip in the sea and bury your feet in black sand (until they start burning - black sand gets hot).
... eat all the vegan gelato in sight. Every ice cream shop should have a selection of dairy free sorbets (and often include a delicious dark chocolate one too!) but if you'd like to try something else than the typical fruit sorbets, stop by Il Gelatone which offers many soy based ice creams too.

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