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Monday, 20 March 2017

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Friday, 27 January 2017

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Goodbye Obama - am I caught up now? 
A couple of days ago, I realised that I hadn't blogged in over a month, meaning I haven't been active on here since before Christmas, before spending some time off back home, figuring out the next couple of months of my life (well, I like to think so at least) and booking my biggest trip yet. As per usual every couple of weeks, my blogging/writing inspiration has reached a low point and even asking friends to take pictures of me in front of pretty London buildings seems like too much of an effort. That being said, the number one thing that always gets me back into the mood of snapping pictures and writing up blog posts is reading other writers' work. I've now long established that ELLE is my favourite magazine for both content and aesthetic pleasure and thanks to my being able to read it for free every month at work, at least one article always sparks my inner writer. That being said, there's only very few blogs or websites where I always find something interesting, funny and purely entertaining to read, and Man Repeller has slowly but surely become one of those sites. 
As I'm still feeling a bit uninspired and scrambling to come up with post ideas or a new way of combining the few jumpers I have here in London, I thought I'd share four Man Repeller posts that made me think, giggle or taught me something and question my decision not to work as a writer for the hundredth time in the past couple of months.

Because the horrors of puberty become incredibly hilarious about a decade later, even if some incidents still make you cringe like it happened just yesterday. Avoid thinking of your own puberty horrors by reading about others', written in poetry form. Endlessly entertaining.

No matter how much time has passed since my last visit to New York (it's been over a year now... sigh), eventually moving to the city of cities, for however long that might be, is still at the very top of my wishlist. Even though that dream may still be far away, if doable at all, reading about other people's experience of moving to the Big Apple is a great way to get some insight and wisdom from now-New Yorkers and invites you to dream of strolling through the streets of Brooklyn as a resident for even just a little while...

Finishing University and not diving straight in to a job or further study tends to leave you in a limbo of not knowing what to do and when to do it. If you're lucky/successful, you might end up interning or otherwise gaining work experience and get to live in a place other than home but those things also tend to come to an end, so the chances of ending up somewhat unemployed are quite high. In times like those (or for upcoming times), it's always good to know how to use your time wisely and productively, and in a manner that will make you stop questioning your life decisions every half hour.

Granted, London's winter weather is nowhere close to New York's icy winter weather but any cold temperatures make it increasingly easier to fall into a rut of wearing your most comfortable jeans, thickest jumpers and boots your biggest socks fit into, so a little lesson on the right way to layer clothing might be just what you need.

Vegan Eats | Reykjavík: chilli, crêpes and hot chocolate

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Having heard of the different places my friend had been to during her longer stay in Reykjavík, I was somewhat prepared to be taken around the city and eat tasty vegan food at different locations. The restaurants and cafes she took me did not disappoint and I was nonetheless positively surprised just how many places offered vegan options on their menus, despite Iceland being a country where meat, fish and dairy are consumed rather heavily. I decided to pack two places into one post and dedicate a third, entirely vegan place we had brunch at its own post. 
Before I get into where you can get the world's best veggie chilli, a comforting hot chocolate and great crêpes, I do want to disclaim that Iceland is expensive. No matter where we ate or how much we ate, eating out easily added up to fifteen to twenty euros, especially if we had a cup of coffee with our meal. That being said, we typically had lunch in the city and ended the day with big bowls of pasta at home to avoid spending too much money.

Interning at a fashion brand

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

After an initial couple of weeks of pinching-self-excitement that came with assisting at a LFW event, sitting front row at a fashion show (yeah, still can't believe that actually happened) and getting to assist during the filming of a new TV show, the hectic first impressions of London settled down and I started an internship at a fashion company. A good two months later and I've slowly picked up a routine of living and working in London, with the odd weekend trip to Brighton or abroad. Coming to London has somehow thrown me into the world of fashion magazines, show room events and volumes of clothes that leave me dizzy, and even though I've started to get accustomed to my role as an intern, some things still feel slightly crazy and perfectly normal at the same time... So here goes an attempt at giving you a glimpse what it's like to intern at a fashion company.

  • Someone at Jimmy Choo was charming enough to send a thank you note for sending over clothes samples. Yes, people working at Jimmy Choo are regular people as well, but I smell "frame-and-hang-on-bedroom-wall" potential for this one.
  • These jeans are not "destroyed", they are super loved destroy with a let our hem, mind you. Did you see the signature shirt in fatigue? No, not my current state - the colour, obviously. And what do you mean this t-shirt is black? It's caviar and the one over there is washed black oh and this one is true black. Got it?
  • Dumbbell bicep raises are overrated. Just steam a couple of hundred shirts and you'll be on your way to arms made of steel!
  • No need to pull an Andy and appear at work in a jumper too large and your grandma's skirt but when it comes to dress code, chances are that more people will be wearing jeans and trainers at the office than heels and lipstick.
  • Not-so-vegan-fact: steaming cotton shirts is an absolute pain. Silk ones, however...
  • Knowing what Ellie Goulding's perfume smelled like at last week's performance isn't unusual, sitting at your desk sniffing the shirt she wore, however... Serious question: does touching clothes Anna Kendrick wore bring you closer to immortality? Thought so.
  • Saving cash has never been easier than when reading magazines isn't an option but compulsory as part of your job description.
  • Instead of wearing a wrinkly coat that you can't be bothered to iron or get professionally treated, you can make the de-wrinkling-process a DIY project and steam it at the office once you're done with every other piece of clothing in the show room. Give it three to four hours.

A weekend in Reykjavík

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Having some of your oldest, and often closest, friends live in a different country than you comes with the downsides of seeing them only around Christmas and maybe summer when it boils down to it. However, the beauty of having loved ones spread out all over Europe is that you get to plan weekend trips (or longer ones if you're lucky) to countries or cities you've never been before. Over the past three years, since I first moved away from home to go to University in the UK, I've been to Berlin, Amsterdam, Zurich and Hamburg - meeting old friends in each city. On top of getting to see dear ones and discovering new places to tick off your travel list, comes the benefit of occasionally being able to stay at said friend's place, making the trips easier on your bank account as well. 
Last Friday, I got on a plane to visit one of my closest friends - and long established travel buddy, in Reykjavík, Iceland. Whereas the two of us had previously visited the cities I just mentioned due to our common friends and living together at University, we no longer live in the same country (for now) but being the travel lovers we are, we're using this as an excuse for weekend trips to see each other. The fact that I was able to visit a country which I otherwise might've not gone to in the near future by visiting one of my closest friends was the cherry on top of the cake.
We spent a long weekend catching up whilst walking through the city of Reykjavík, eating delicious vegan food (Icelandic Vegan Eats edition? I've got you covered), fighting the rainy, grey and at times crazy windy weather, sitting in 40 degree outside hot tubs in chilly 4 degree temperatures and watching movies wrapped up in blankets, eating too many cookies. 
Even though I will get to work on a Vegan Eats post soon, I didn't plan any other specific Reykjavík related posts. I've decided to simply pull together some of my favourite photos that I took during my stay in this adorable city and share them with you.


Sunday, 16 October 2016

jumper: pull and bear trousers: h&m boots: faith

Before moving into my own flat (well, a bedroom in a flat with other people) next week, I flew home for a weekend visit to stuff a suitcase full of autumn and winter clothing to take back with me to London and to see the family before being away again until Christmas. During my first four weeks in London, where I only had one suitcase of clothing available to myself, I started to realise just how many clothes I have that I wanted to wear that were still at home and fantasising about all the different combinations I'd be able to wear with the cooler temperatures appearing all of a sudden once I would bring more clothes to the UK - I got inspired to be more creative when it comes to combining and wearing the things I already own instead of buying new things. Now, I'm not saying that I didn't/am not buying new things anymore (Topshop is a ten minute walk from my office, help?) but being at home and filling a suitcase with jeans, boots and jumpers (all the good autumny stuff) has made me incredibly excited to wear my own clothes and find new combinations.
One of the pieces I rediscovered during my crazy packing session were these great checked trousers from H&M which are a wonderful alternative to the usual skinny, potentially uncomfortable jeans and the simple pattern and colour scheme make them easy to combine with jumpers in neutral colours as well as brighter ones - these will definitely become a staple in my autumn/winter wardrobe this year!

Fall Must-Haves

Saturday, 8 October 2016

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The new season is officially underway, bringing with it the promise of cooler weather, rainy days, and, of course, jumpers - can I get a "yay!"?. While autumn is well-known for having its tried and true staples (aka skinny jeans and riding boots), it also provides the perfect opportunity to switch things up a bit. I've personally been loving these eye-catching pieces this season with their unexpected colours, flattering silhouettes, and modern design details - all of which I spotted when clicking through ELLE and VOGUE's NYFW street style photo album.