Pastel Blue

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

sweater, boots: new look skort: h&m coat: primark

"How is this coat from Primark?!" - these were (no joke) my first thoughts when I came across this beauty of a pastel blue coat whilst having a little browse through Primark a couple of days ago. The fact that it was only £23 didn't exactly help my shock (or my wallet) but how pretty is this? The pictures don't quite pick up how high quality the coat looks, which is the main reason that I bought it - apart from finding it preeetty of course. My friend had gotten an almost identical coat to this one in black from Zara a week earlier but for four times the amount of money, so I couldn't walk past this one. I love the colour of it and it was definitely the right decision to take it home with me, as I've already worn it plenty of times and it looks good with just about everything: all black outfits, different patterns and even with other colourful pieces. I played around with the colour settings of the pictures quite a bit though as I wasn't too happy about the lighting, so you can't see the actual, real life colour of the coat on these pictures but you get an idea and I'm sure that it'll make another appearance on the blog in the future!


  1. I like this coat! Especially for this price! Good investment!
    Margo Raffaelli

  2. Bravo pour ce joli blog que je découvre... que de jolies photos, de jolis looks, et d'excellents articles et en plus une culture linguistique hors du commun ! ... Bonne continuation ! Dan' ( stylist in fashion & music producer )

  3. super cute look xx

  4. lovely outfit ! and the coat really is pretty :)


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