3 Oufits I'd like to wear

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Autumn Outfit

Autumn Outfit
Autumn Outfit

Alongside the usual black and grey palette that always comes back around this time of the year, I've been loving the combination of black and navy more and more. The skirt and cropped sweater outfit was actually inspired by my own clothes, as I'd been planning to wear something similar for a while now but never got around wearing it and taking good pictures. I'm currently too broke to afford anything new, so I got myself dreaming a little bit on Polyvore and put these 3 outfits together. I can't decide which one's my favourite though... what do you think?

PS: If you want to help out my empty wallet (or just have a sneaky look at my clothes), then go on and head over to my DEPOP! I've been adding a few items recently and more will probably be added over the next couple of days/weeks.

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  1. I love the 3rd one so much :) Love your style!



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