Travel Outfit

Sunday, 3 August 2014

jeans: choies top: imagine shoes: pronti belt: h&m watch: flea market sunglasses: rayban backpack: primark nailpolish: hema

After 2 days back home, I am leaving to Mallorca for a week today and how excited I am! I'm in desperate needs of sunshine and hours at the beach. I will plan a couple of posts with pictures from Rotterdam, so that I can really enjoy my holiday, even though I will try to maybe blog from Mallorca once or twice. I thought I could share my travelling outfit, meaning that I could also finally show you my new ripped jeans in action. In hindsight, I might be dressed a bit too warm for the weather, but then again it always gets so cold in the airplane! Anyways, I'll leave it at this, enjoy your Sunday x

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  1. I really like that backpack and I hope you'll make a few posts while you're in Mallorca :)


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