Sunday, 23 January 2011

On the second day..
- I shopped in New Look
- my mum and I got lost (We somehow manage to always get lost when we're in big cities)
- we afterwards had a coffee @ a veeery expensive looking café!
- I saw those a-m-a-z-i-n-g-l-y beautiful and cute ballerinas with studds but they were expensive as fuck, so I couldn't buy them :(
- I saw too old ladies with actually real furcoats
- I only had to go to the museum for 30minutes because we arrived so late that it soon closed (>:D)
- we had deliciouus dinner at a Restaurant called Chez Léon, which included a salad with hot goat cheese and
bacon, snails, french fries and a creme caramel for me (YUM x 3000!!)

aand the rest I don't remember, but that basically is it all, haha!

PS: As you may have noticed, I changed my layout & I'm also gonna change the size of my pictures from 800px width to 600 or 700,
can't decide yet. What size do you prefer? 600 (see the post below) or 700 (see this post)? xo


  1. Did you spot any second-hand stores? :)

  2. Ah too bad. I might go to brussels some time this year so I might hunt them down then.
    Haha, yeah it was kind of spur of the moment thing. I always wanted to do a recipes blog but that would take more time and commitment so I decided I would do that every weekend, but then the prebacs are starting so i guess i'm abandoning that plan for two weeks :p


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