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Saturday, 4 November 2017


Between my last published blog post and now, a lot has happened. After a summer spent jobbing at home, catching up with old friends and two short trips to some of my favourite places, August suddenly rolled around and with it came my cue to pack up my life and move to a new place to start a new experience. Mid-August, I once again packed up my many pairs of shoes (I can see my dad rolling his eyes at me just by thinking of it), cook books and a couple of pots and pans and moved to Amsterdam to start a Master’s degree.
Almost three months later, I can say I’ve slowly settled into the new city, made friends with new people and (more or less) adapted to the busy student life (again). Even though the focus of my studies is new media, I’ve ironically felt uninspired when it comes to blogging, which I kept re-directing to the fact that I had to write blog posts as a form of assignment, so I didn’t want to be writing them in my free time, too. Ahem.
As so often, blogging inspiration comes and goes, and more often than not, my blogging motivation is influenced by the people around me. With a couple of days off after an intense first seven weeks of Uni last week, I jumped on a train to go visit my ex-roomie/live-in blogger Céline in Germany which resulted in a weekend with too much talking (just kidding, no such thing exists), a little bit too much booze and three new German cities to add to my list of places I’ve been to.
Sometimes, it seems all I need to start writing, photographing, documenting again, is a weekend trip away. With that being said, I thought I’d start my attempt at regular updating again with a couple of insights of what I did in Germany, and more precisely, what I got up to in Göttingen, Bremen and Hannover, even if I only spent about a day in each city.

... Göttingen

...take a stroll through the botanical garden just outside the old town of Göttingen and enjoy the beauty of the town's architecture - eyes up!

... Bremen

... discover the city's medieval centre, the Schnoor, with its small streets and beautiful buildings, filled with little shops and cafés

... visit the statue of the Bremer Stadtmusikanten (anyone?) and look - they're even in some of the city's traffic lights!

... indulge in vegan crêpes, a bagel or simply a big cup of coffee and do some people watching at the Coffee Corner.

... Hannover

... visit the new townhall, beautiful from the outside and the inside and enjoy the greenery around the building.

... visiting on a Sunday? Head on over to Café Gleichklang for their all-day vegan brunch (until 5pm) and stuff yourself with bread rolls and various toppings, warm dishes and dessert (I had tiramisu, need I say more?)

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