When in Chiang Mai...

Friday, 26 May 2017

 ... hop on a red bus to explore the old to explore the old town or the city outside of the old town's walls...
... or use a tuk tuk to get around and enjoy the authentic Thai taxi experience.
 ... visit some of the many, many temples in the old town. Don't forget to wear/bring clothing that covers your knees and shoulders!
 ... or visit the big Suitep temple a half hour drive out of the city...
... and enjoy these beautiful views!
... stop by Morning Glory and Aum for tasty traditional Thai food veggie style and top it off with amazing vegan cinnamon buns at Blue Diamond.
... spend a day feeding and bathing these gentle giants. Make sure to only support elephant sanctuaries and do some research when in doubt. We spent a day at the Jungle Elephant Sanctuary and loved it.
... participate in the Thai New Year celebrations - the Songkran festival - taking place mid April. Prepare for bucket loads of (ice) water coming your way!
... book a trip to Chiang Rai, a three hour bus ride away from Chiang Mai...
... and don't forget to stop by the White Temple and admire its beauty.
... visit the __, also known as sticky waterfall. Climb up the waterfall, admire the beautiful nature around you, and don't forget to take pictures!

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  1. wow.. a very beautiful place to visit.
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