Vegan Eats | Reykjavík: chilli, crêpes and hot chocolate

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Having heard of the different places my friend had been to during her longer stay in Reykjavík, I was somewhat prepared to be taken around the city and eat tasty vegan food at different locations. The restaurants and cafes she took me did not disappoint and I was nonetheless positively surprised just how many places offered vegan options on their menus, despite Iceland being a country where meat, fish and dairy are consumed rather heavily. I decided to pack two places into one post and dedicate a third, entirely vegan place we had brunch at its own post. 
Before I get into where you can get the world's best veggie chilli, a comforting hot chocolate and great crêpes, I do want to disclaim that Iceland is expensive. No matter where we ate or how much we ate, eating out easily added up to fifteen to twenty euros, especially if we had a cup of coffee with our meal. That being said, we typically had lunch in the city and ended the day with big bowls of pasta at home to avoid spending too much money.

For lunch on the very first day, we went to Cafe Babalú, an adorable cafe/restaurant with an interior so cosy and warm, it immediately reminded me of Brighton. We had, what I would consider the world's best veggie chilli which came with tortilla chips - the perfect comforting, filling meal when it's cold and windy outside. The chilli was not marked as vegan on the menu but it was confirmed to be vegan upon asking. Cafe Babalú also offered plant milk to have with coffee and even had a cake (or two?) that were vegan friendly. We decided not to have any cake but opted for the world's best hot chocolate (yes, both the chilli and the hot chocolate were that good) from Joylato nearby. The hot chocolate was super creamy as it was made with cashew milk and they even offered freshly made ice cream which you could pick your flavour for and watch being made in front of you.

Skólavörðustígur 22A
101 Reykjavík

Njálsgata 1
101 Reykjavík

The second day of my stay in Reykjavík, we opted for savoury and sweet crêpes at Eldur & ÍS, a cute little crêperie  offering vegan crêpe batter alongside non-vegan one and lots of amazing toppings to choose from. We ended up sharing a savoury crêpe with artichokes, pesto and sundried tomatoes and a sweet crêpe with dark chocolate, banana and peanutbutter! We also had coffee which wasn't my favourite but went nicely with the sweet crêpe.

Skólavörðustígur 2
101 Reykjavík

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