Second hand finds

Monday, 18 July 2016

t-shirt: asos skirt: secondhand shoes: h&m bag: primark

Even though eating a plantbased/vegan helps towards living a more ethical and environmentally friendly life, I yet have to work on my shopping attitude. Even though I know that the fashion industry has more than just a few faults - excluding things like the use of leather, fur or silk, which I avoid already - I'm easily sucked into high street shops like Topshop and ZARA and the vast majority of my clothing is "made in China" or Bangladesh. I've been able to adapt my shopping habits slightly by being more selective with the clothes I buy, so that I at least end up buying less, but it's still a work in progress for sure. One thing that I'd been doing in the past and which I picked up again a bit recently, is going to second hand stores instead of H&M and during my last stroll through some of Brighton's best second hand and vintage stores (Brighton is quite literally heaven for second hand lovers), I picked up what is now one of my favourite skirts. I'm not sure how authentic the Tennis look to it is (any fashion experts want to chime in?) but I love everything about it, from the colour and style to its ridiculous shortness - inviting me to wear shorts underneath to avoid flashing half the city when Brighton's being windy again. And to add to its awesomeness, the skirt's waist is adjustable, so you can make some space for a food baby, he he he...

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