Blog Post Roundup #6

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

sunset over Rovinj, September 2015

With just about three weeks left until my final Uni deadlines, I've been trying to focus all my energy on working on my dissertation and essay, hence the quietness over here. Ironically, I have a handful of posts that I want to write up and publish and a few outfits I'd like to shoot, but I simply don't want to work on that now, as I feel like the outcome won't be as good as it could be when I get back to proper blogging after I've submitted all my assignments. Since I don't want the blog to be completely dead, though, I've accumulated three blog posts that I enjoyed reading recently and I thought that I'd share them with you so that you can discover other blogs and topics whilst I'm working away on my Uni work! If you want more regular updates from me, you can find me on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat (noraameliie)!

Consumerism & Why I Avoid Primark - Fellow Luxembourg/UK based fashion blogger Kristiana reflects on her consumption behaviours and how she has recently changed them, becoming a more mindful shopper. I could really relate to her writing, as I've also been trying to change my spending habits and save up money for things that are more important to me than clothes at this time in my life.

How to costumize your snapcode - Kaori shares awesome tips (which I haven't applied to my own blog yet, oops..) on how to create your own snapcode which you can then add to your blog's sidebar so that readers only have to scan over it to add you to their Snapchat!

Food photography tips from Anne Faber - Lately, Luxembourg has started to become more and more interesting for bloggers with an increasing amount of cool blogger workshops popping up everywhere. Unfortunately, my being away at Uni most of the time keeps me from participating in most of these workshops, but I can always count on a fellow Blogger_LU member to post about their experiences at one of these events. Not too long ago, Carmen went to a food photography workshop and decided to share her newly gained knowledge with her readers.

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  1. I only found this because I was going through my blog stats this afternoon! Thanks for the feature :)


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