When in New York... #3

Friday, 12 February 2016

... explore cute book shops filled to the brim with books for only a few dollars each.

 ... pay the Lotte New York Palace a visit, the hotel where Serena and her family stayed at in the first season of Gossip Girl and marvel at its glamorous indoor architecture.
 ... indulge in the ever changing offer of vegan ice cream flavours at the Van Leeuwen cafĂ© in East Village.
 ... tick off one of the things on your bucket list (I know it's on yours too, right?) and go ice skating in Central Park!
 ... visit a special short time exhibition in the Anna Wintour Costumer Centre at the MET. I got to visit an exhibition on Jacqueline de Ribes, showcasing her timeless style and parts of her amazing wardrobe.
 ... stroll around the NY Public Library and take in the beauty of this historic building. If you're eager to learn more about it, take part in the free daily, hour long tours of the library offered by the staff there!
 ... feel like a New Yorker by going to watch a performance by the students of the Julliard School of Performance for 10$.
... load up on Trader Joe's goodness before your flight back home - invest in Cliff bars, hot sauce and refried beans!

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  1. I just in love with Anna Wintour! Congrats for your post :-)


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