Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Back in November, my friend and I had breakfast in London and loved the teapots we got to use when we ordered tea to go with our avocado toast. Coincidentally, only a few hours later, we walked past a shop selling all kinds of teapots, cups, etc. and saw the exact teapots we had just drunk our tea out of in the shop window! We both ended up buying one and it's safe to say that thanks to this practical and pretty looking teapot, I am not drinking my loose leaf jasmine tea every single morning. One of my favourite things about the teapot is that it comes with a filter, making it easy to use it to brew loose leaf tea as well as tea in teabags. Buy it online here.

I started watching Jane the Virgin only recently, when I was looking for a new tv show to start watching and I wanted something a bit more light hearted, on the comedy side. I got through the first season and a half rather quickly and I'm completely hooked on it now. It's the perfect mix of comedy, (over the top) romance and wonderful characters.

One of my goals recently, has been to start doing more yoga, not only to build strength but also to find some inner peace during my last term of University. Already an avid aerial gymnastics enthusiast, I discovered Aerial Yoga a few weeks ago, combining two things I like and want to do more of! Aerial is the perfect mix of relaxation and strengthening and the most wonderful way to start my Wednesday mornings. 

For my (English) dissertation module, I get to read literature from the 20th and 21st century, revolving around the adolescent and adolescence as a whole. One of the books I've read on the module so far, was McCullers' The Member of the Wedding, which is set in Georgia in the US and tells the story of a 12 year old tomboy, desperately trying to be included in her brother's wedding. A great read all about the frustration of feeling left out or lost in the teenage years. Another book I'm reading at the moment is The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides, as I'm planning to write my dissertation on it. I saw Sofia Coppola's movie adaptation a few years back and loved it, so I thought I'd give the book a shot too, especially since it fits well into my course and it's safe to say that it's become one of my favourite books. It's an easy, slightly mysterious read, revolving about the five Lisbon girls, who one by one commit suicide... don't worry, it's got some comedy to it, too!

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