When in New York... #2

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

 ... take advantage of Uniqlo's MOMA fridays where you can visit the museum for free between 4 and 8 every Friday. You might even leave the museum with some free art to hang up in your home!
 ... step into Blair and Serena's shoes by sitting on the MET steps and do some people watching! (minus the messy hair - Blair does like her headbands after all)
 ... stuff your face with vegan dumplings in China town at the Vegeterian Dim Sum house (and consequently become unable to even look at dumplings for the next few weeks)
 ... pay Mood a visit, get inspired and run up and down the stairs like the stressed contestants of Project Runway. And don't forget to say hi to Swatch the dog!
 ... go visit Coney Island, which will be completely deserted in Winter and make you feel like you're the last person on the planet, out-of-order rollercoasters and everything.. and of course, take a walk along the seaside (Psst, there's a Brighton Beach not far away too)
... celebrate your inner child and go watch a 4D Spongebob short film (we were the only ones in the theatre, no shame)
 ... go to Tiffany's, become dizzy from all the sparkle and feel just a little bit like Holly Golightly. Add a vegan croissant and a coffee to go to that and you can have breakfast at Tiffany's.
... feel like an authentic New Yorker and bring a book with you for longer Subway rides, real New Yorkers read on the Subway.

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  1. I have been on the "Cyclone". It looks like an innocent ride but in reality it's quite the opposite!



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