Brunching like a New Yorker

Monday, 18 January 2016

If someone asked me to name one word that I associate with New York City and its people, it would be brunch. Already the last time I was here, I immediately noticed how going for brunch on a Sunday morning isn't just a suggestion - it's a tradition. Everywhere you look in the city on a Sunday morning, terraces - in Summer and cafés are filled with people enjoying a lazy Sunday morning with friends and family. My friend and I had brunch in Williamsburg last Sunday (it definitely helped that Champs is only a ten minute walk away from our flat) but for yesterday, we decided to make our own New Yorkan brunch at home, bagels and all. We stocked up on vegan cream cheese (which is so much cheaper here than it is in the UK!), avocado, bagels, orange juice and even a vegan almond croissant for a sweet touch to our meal. We didn't have any coffee, so we went with tea instead but we still felt really damn New Yorkan still, sitting in a small Williamsburg flat, devouring our food and planning our day. After this trip, I feel like I need more Sunday brunches (home or out and about) in my life.

And to add the finishing touch to feeling right at home in New York...
... I wore my FRIENDS t-shirt! Yes, I'm that much of a cliché.

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