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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Budapest wasn't only my favourite stop city-wise but also foodwise...

I was pleasantly surprised at all the vegan-friendliness in Budapest. Quite a few of small cafés had vegan options in sandwiches or other small things on offer from what I've experienced and HappyCow came up with a lot of different places for my friend and I to choose from to have lunch or dinner. The first place we tried was Napfenyes Etterem and we liked it so much that we went back a second time during our 3 day stay in the city.
They had a huuge menu offering everything from raw or gluten free dishes to the vegan "classics" as I like to call them, like falafel. You could try veganised Hungarian dishes or simply choose from their incredible choice of pizzas. I went for a creamy pasta dish with smoked tofu and spinach the first time and on our second visit, I opted for Hungarian cabbage rolls, which I enjoyed a lot, even if it had a bit too much "fake meat" on the side for my taste. We took all our omni friends there as well and everyone found something they liked on the menu - we even had amazing ice cream for dessert. The only regrets I have is that I didn't get to try one of their pizzas!

Ferenciek tere 2
1053 Budapest

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  1. ive always wanted to go to budapest and this post makes me want to go more! food is definitely the way to my heart haha


    ps. you have yourself a new reader. love your blog!


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