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Friday, 4 December 2015

With the end of 2015 fast approaching and the realisation that I have yet a few Interrail related posts to share, I've decided to set myself a goal go get them all out before the start of 2016. The last stop on our three (almost four) week long journey was Rovinj, a small seaside city in Croatia. After kilometres and kilometres of walking, taking then train, bus, tram and subway, we finally found ourselves in a more quiet environment. We had arranged to stay in a house for six days, giving us enough time to soak up some sun, go for a swim in the sea and completely wind down from all the travelling before it would be time to go back home. Croatia was even more beautiful than I had expected: the walk to the beach led us through pine tree forests, the water was amazingly clear and the perfect temperature to spend half an hour in it - it was so salty that you could lie on your back without moving and stay afloat! We mainly ate food that we prepared ourselves in the small kitchen of the house we stayed at but also had some typical Croatian food, as well as pizza and gelato - the Italian cuisine is very present in Rovinj, as it's fairly close to Venice and other Italian cities. We had the chance to go on a small hike, offering us the most gorgeous view of the sea and the nature around it, we climbed up and down many rocks and ended our trip with  a boat trip, watching the sun set.


  1. May I say how jealous I am now? :p

    1. haha i'm literally jealous of my past self right now, my feet are freezing cold :D

  2. These pictures are just gorgeous!! I love the backpack you're wearing one of the pictures. Ahhh it's amazing. Sweet blog gal, just followed. xxx


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