Vegan Eats | Warsaw: Spinach Soup & Pierogi

Saturday, 10 October 2015

As in every city we stayed at during our trip, my fellow vegan friend and I consulted Happy Cow to find out where to find awesome vegan food and once again, we were not disappointed with the many many results that came up when we type in "Warsaw". We usually narrowed down the options of where to by looking at the locations of the different caf├ęs and restaurants. That's how we landed at Lokal Vegan Bistro. Unfortunately, there were not as many traditional Polish foods on offer as we were hoping, especially as we'd been wanting to try Pierogi (more about what those are below) ever since our stay in Gdansk, where we unfortunately couldn't find any. Nevertheless, we had an amazing lunch consisting of the best spinach soup we ever had. This may sound silly but simply to have the chance to try this amazing soup, I'd advise you to pay the Lokal Vegan Bistro a visit if you ever find yourself to be in Warsaw, haha.

ul. Krucza 23/31
00-525 Warsaw

After having hunted Pierogi, which are essentially delicious dough pockets filled with different kinds of vegetables, lentils etc and often topped off with fried onion, for days, we finally found a place in Warsaw that would offer us this delicious Polish dish: Vegamiasto. We opted for the red lentil pierogi and mushroom pierogi (the spinach ones were sold out to our dissapointment) and found ourselves on cloud 9 of food heaven. Pierogi were probably hands down one of the best, if not the best dish I ate during our entire Interrail trip. 
To satisfy our sweet tooth, we went back to the counter and my friend got a coconut lime pie and I got a tasty little chia pudding. Vegemiasto also offered ice cream and huge choice of other cakes and tarts.

Solidarn├│sci 60a


  1. nice

  2. I didn't know Eastern Europe was so vegan-friendly. That's good to know :)

    1. me neither! of course, it always takes a bit of searching but the Happy Cow website really is a blessing when you're travelling :)

  3. I live in Warsaw and there are more and more vegan - friendly places there:) Most of my friends are not vegan so sometimes it is a little bit problematic to find a place that will be approved by everybody. Last time they took me to the Akademia Restaurant. I was not really sure, because it is not a vegan place but fortunately they do offer a vegan option on request. Everything was delicious and it is our favourite spot at the moment:)

  4. not having been to Poland before, I was positively surprised by all the vegan friendly places I found in Warsaw! Will definitely keep Akademia in the back of my head for my next visit there :)


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