All black in Warsaw

Sunday, 11 October 2015

shirt, backpack: primark jeans, leather jacket: topshop shoes: mango 

Even before I left to Berlin, I already knew that our Interrail would anything but a shopping trip for me. My humongous was packed to the brim and I'm still unsure about how many kilos of clothes and shoes and food I carried on my back over those four weeks. Given the space (and weight) limitations, I knew that going shopping in the different cities we stayed at wouldn't be an option. Nevertheless, I picked up a thing or two whilst we were still in Berlin, because "they're so light and small, it won't make a difference to add them to my backpack". One of the few things I got was this black, extra long blouse/shirt from Primark. I've been loving all things long, oversized and shirt-like, so this shirt ticked all the boxes. I love the layering of different lengths and materials in this outfit and my friend and I found the perfect, simplistic background to take pictures in front of. I added my lace up (or as I like to call them when worn like this: lace down) sandals from Mango to get a change from wearing sneakers every single day and voilĂ , a simple, comfortable and apparently very "blogger" (quote by Sarah) outfit.


  1. daat geng ech och direkt eent zu eent sou undoen! :)


  2. I absolutely love this outfit :) the shirt, skinnies and sandals combo looks really good!


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