3 Days in Warsaw

Thursday, 8 October 2015

The second stop on our trip was Warsaw. City wise, Warsaw was probably my least favourite of all, but that might just be because the distances between different parts were bigger, meaning that we had to rely on public transport more, which I usually like to avoid when I'm on a city trip (if I'm not in a big city that is). We also had one incredibly hot day with temperatures over 35 degrees and the day after, the temperature droppped to a weirdly cold 18 degrees. Confusing? Hell yes.
Nevertheless, I did enjoy a few things in particular, such as the Agricultura Park filled with beautiful nature, buildings and a Chinese garden and lots and lots of squirrels to observe. Another favourite of mine was the Copernicus Science Centre, which is basically an interactive Science Museum. I left my camera in the lockers in the Museum itself to have my hands free for all the fun activities that were on offer. We spent almost two hours there until we had to leave because it was closing but we easily could have spend hours on end in there. 
Food wise, Warsaw was very, very tasty, so keep your eyes peeled for the next Vegan Eats post if you want to get an insight into veganised Polish cuisine and amazing soup. My friend and I also had the chance to grab a juice during our stay in Warsaw, which I appreciated oh so much because I always feel a strong lack of fruits during city trips. Yes, I am that weird - I crave fruit.

Looking back, Poland was probably the "friendliest" country we stayed at, with lovely staff everywhere we went and an overall very happy and good vibe.


  1. I had my bachelorette week end in Warsaw, so definitely I have great memories about the city! I think I visited the cafeteria of one of your pictures as well! I agree about the food, it was great!


  2. Warsaw is an amazing place! Really enjoyed my visit that I did a couple of years ago.



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