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Monday, 14 September 2015

While I already published a post on where to go for brunch or a bowl of feel-good-do-good food in New York City, I never actually got around sharing where I had sushi. As a huge sushi lover (at both pre-, and post-vegan times), I naturally had to give sushi in the Big Apple a shot, together with my friend and travel buddy, a sushi lover herself. Thanks to Cassey Ho from Blogilates, my friend saw an Instagram post from her posting about Beyond Sushi. It took us quite a while to actually find the restaurant itself, given the lack of orientation and wifi but we eventually found what turned out to be a tiny space filled to the brim with people sitting or standing around, waiting for their orders. Given the amount of people, it did take more than half an hour for our sushi to arrive at our table but after patiently waiting with grumbling stomachs, it tasted even better. I generally love the simplicity of avocado maki sushis, but having a bit of a more "fancy" combination of tastes was nice for a change, especially as different kinds of rice were used instead of the typical white sushi rice. The price was okay, given that you really could tell how much work was put into making the individual rolls. However, I would probably opt for take-out the next time, as nothing is better than a big portion of sushi and your favourite tv show, sitting in your couch at home (or that of the place where you're staying at because - let's be realistic - I unfortunately don't live in NYC (yet?))

229 East 14th Street
10003 New York City

PS: Beyond Sushi has more than one store/restaurant in NYC but this is the one we went to. For more information, have a look at their website.

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  1. I might be going in September! Can't wait :)


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