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Saturday, 5 September 2015

As the amount of health food oriented, vegetarian or even vegan restaurants and cafés has been increasing in the last year/year and a half in Luxembourg, I only heard of HaPP a bit later. From what I've been able to observe, its focus is on health food (catering to everyone from omnivore to vegan) and tasty treats.

Back in July, I had the chance to pay HaPP a visit with a friend, as we'd both been wanting to try out a few new places in Luxembourg. I had a look at the menu the day beforehand and had already set my mind on getting the soup of the day (pumpkin soup if I remember right) but I couldn't bare to eat anything remotely warm as we were having one of those way too hot days once again. Instead, I opted for the (raw) "pizza", which was not originally vegan but I was told that the pesto could easily be replaced with hummus. My friend had a set of spring rolls with a big salad and a tahini ginger dressing. As you can tell from the pictures, our meals were very (raw) veggie and fruit loaden, which is something I enjoyed but unfortunately didn't fill me up enough, considering that we did pay quite a bit for our meals. 

To "fill the gap" (and satisfy our sweet tooth), we decided to try a dessert and while my friend had the (non-vegan) chocolate cake, I chose a piece of carrot cake. Again, everything was presented with a lot of love and tasted great. I do think that my cake might have been a bit too heavy for me, given that cashews were one of the main ingredients, but that's down to personal preference. 

Overall, we had a lovely experience, sitting on a terrace full of people (something I'm always glad to see when trying out a new place with a lot of potential in the vegan community) and the service was great. The two ladies serving us were happy to tell us more about their dishes and their ingredients. Unfortunately, I did find that the food was not particularly budget friendly (for my student budget that is) but I can definitely see myself going back to HaPP when I want to treat myself and indulge a little bit.

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  1. I have never tried this place as I don't have many friends that are into "going out for healthy food", but from pictures look amazing. One quick question: why pesto is not vegan? My family is Italian and my gran mother is doing it pretty often and the original recipe is like herbs (basilic, persil, etc), garlic, pine nuts and oil.. Do I miss something they add in Luxembourg? :)


    1. From what I've experienced, a lot of the time, parmesan is used in pesto! I myself find it quite strange too as I don't taste a difference between "normal" (with cheese) pesto and "vegan" pesto at all! That's not only in Luxembourg though, a lot of places I've asked about the pesto, it had cheese in it :)


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