Vegan Eats | Berlin: Açai Bowls & Vöner

Saturday, 26 September 2015

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After having been to Berlin twice before this summer, I already knew of the endless choices of good places offering good food. Even though I wasn't vegan (yet) during both visits, I quickly realised that Berlin is probably one of the most vegan friendly and exciting cities when it comes to variety and taste of vegan options. As I have a total of four Vegan Eats to share with you from Berlin alone, I decided to pack two different cafés/restaurants into one post in order to avoid turning this blog into one big restaurant review (ha! As if it wasn't heading that way already).

food, vegan eats, vegan, vegetarian, daluma, açai bowl, acai bowl, health food, breakfast, müsli, smoothie, berlin, germany, food blogger
If you've been following me on social media - Instagram in particular - for a while now, you've probably seen how much I'm into all things smoothie/açai bowls. After having been in Luxembourg for two months straight (where most people don't even know what the hell açai is), I craved açai bowls that I hadn't made myself. Since my friend Sarah never had an açai bowl before, I did a quick Google search and we decided to head to Daluma, a health food, entirely vegan (I think) café/restaurant selling different kinds of breakfasts ranging from coconut yogurt to smoothie bowls over to salads and "bowls" for lunch, juices and more. We both opted for the obvious açai bowl and our friend decided to go for the probiotic müsli and a super chocolatey banana cacao smoothie which he both enjoyed a lot. Personally (and also from what Sarah told me), I was a bit disappointed in our açai bowls. While they tasted good (not as good as one I had in Brighton but still), we both left the place only kind-of-full. I found it kind of rude to ask almost 8€ for an açai bowl that was barely filled with the smoothie mixture, which is why I'd consider looking for another place to compare açai bowls the next time I'm in Berlin. Overall, the place itself was nicely furnished/decorated, had a very "Berlin" feeling and the staff was very kind, but the amount of food really did leave an impact on us as we soon headed to lunch, given that we were hungry rather quickly again.

Weinbergsweg 3
10119 Berlin

food, vegan eats, vegan, vegetarian, döner, vöner, berlin, germany, food blogger
After our very healthy and "light" breakfast that day, we decided to go to Vöner, a place which basically offers different sorts of döners (kebabs, etc.) only that they are all entirely vegan. Not being the biggest fan of fake meat, the taste of the "meat" became a bit too much for me after having eaten 3/4th of the vöner but I did overall really enjoy the taste and experience. The price-quality ratio was very good as the food was very filling and only cost 5€ and you had a choice of a handful of different sauces and toppings to personalise your meal.

Boxhagener Strasse 56
10245 Berlin

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