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Thursday, 24 September 2015

 View onto the Spree from Yaam
"Politics is a continuation of wars with different methods"

Since my friends and I started our Interrail journey from Berlin, where we would be in Poland rather quickly and my friend Sarah and I hadn't been in Berlin in over a year, the two of us decided to incorporate a couple of days in Berlin into our trip before leaving to Poland all together. Most of the trip was spent catching up with the others who arrived in Berlin themselves one after the other, as we hadn't seen each other in eight months. As I'd already been to Berlin twice, we mainly strolled around the city, paid Yaam a visit, located near the Spree where we hung out, had drinks and enjoyed each other's company. I finally got to walk along the East Side Gallery, something I hadn't gotten around doing previously. Other than that, we ate ourselves through the city, knowing that Berlin is bursting with vegan cafés and restaurants. Look out to two big Vegan Eats posts in the near future! My personal highlight in Berlin this time was the visit Sarah and I paid to the Badeschiff, which is basically a place to hang out and relax or even have a dip in a pool that is in fact placed in the Spree. Sadly, I didn't have my camera with me that day but I did post a picture more or less showing it over on my Instagram.

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  1. nice pictures :) i'm excited for your food posts, as always!


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