Autumnal Colours

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

top: asos jeans: topshop poncho: new look shoes: h&m divided

After a very productive and Uni work filled Saturday, my two housemates and I decided that we still wanted to go to London during our very first week back in the UK, even after our initial plans didn't work out due to too many classes and other Uni related events. All of us agreed that we should make the most of our last year in Brighton and pay more visits to London, because really, when will we ever be living this close to London again in our lives?
A few days before that, I went on a mini shopping trip in Brighton because I felt the desperate need of buying something that screams Autumn - definitely one of my favourite seasons along with Spring - and I (amongst other things) stumbled across this gorgeous poncho. A poncho's been on my wishlist for almost a year now but I somehow never bought one, often because the Topshop prices scared me away from doing so. It only added to my excitement when I found out that this New Look poncho was only £18 (plus a minor student discount) and the perfect colour to add to my Autumn wardrobe. I'm always a sucker for a good colour combination, so I naturally put together a very Autumnal look, combining all of the most beautiful colours at once: bordeaux, khaki and tan. With the good weather we've been having over here the past few days (*knocks on wood*), a poncho has been the perfect piece to throw on when it's a bit more chilly outside whilst it can still easily be carried on your arm or stuffed inside your bag, as its size is closer to a big scarf than a coat. Let's see how long it'll take me before I go back into New Look and get it in another colour...


  1. i love this outfit :) and your hair has grown a lot!

    1. thank you! yees it has, i'm working on letting it grow out really long but i think i need to get rid of my broken ends soon haha :)


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