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Sunday, 20 September 2015

After having been on the road for almost four weeks, hopping from one country to the other, my friends and I finally embarked on our last long journey home on Thursday afternoon. A journey we were already prepared to be very long was stretched even more due to Germany closing its borders because of the massive flows of refugees arriving in Europe and trying to enter Germany, which ended up in us changing from trains to buses and back to trains for hours on end, adding up to a journey of a total of 26 hours. Yesterday, I mainly did errands, unpacked and re-packed and avoided any other responsibilities connected to University. I'm flying back to the UK today, my first day of class is tomorrow and I'm already knee deep in preparatory work for next week's classes. I can already feel the load of work coming towards me that third year of University brings with it and I'm both looking forward to getting back into a routine and terrified of being almost done with my undergraduate degree at the same time.

Blogging wise, I took tons of pictures during my trip, a few of which will go towards outfits posts, quite a few Vegan Eats posts which I'll probably be combining in separate posts to avoid spamming the blog with only this category of posts and lots of photo diaries. Unfortunately, I found out that quite a lot of pictures I took were taken in a different setting than I usually use yesterday, which I didn't notice until I actually got to look at the photos on a laptop screen, so the quality varies.. Either I'll fix it a bit or we'll just have a bit of variety photo wise over the next few weeks when I'll be publishing photos and texts about my trip!

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  1. Just fell inlove with your blog. So clean and fresh, minimalistic. Keep it up!

    Greetings from Lithuania :)


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