Denim & Tan

Saturday, 15 August 2015

shorts: to be worn again sweater: massimo dutti (second hand) shoes: h&m divided bag: / belts: second hand

Whilst I've been experiencing a bit of a writer's block again over the last week or two, I found quite a few gems here in Brighton (as I always do - I could literally shop myself into poverty here) and am thinking about a few outfits to put together and take pictures of before I'll be living in the same 5 pairs of shorts, t-shirts and trainers on my 4 week trip with a group of friends. 
In this particular set of pictures, I'm wearing two new things - one I needed (aka wanted anyway and argued to be necessary/practical/important/all that jazz) and one I'd been wanting for weeks now but never found in my size. The item that I needed was a new pair of denim shorts. The last denim shorts I remember buying are vintage ones I got in London 4 years ago now and it's safe to say that I've slowly grown out of them and that (too) tight shorts tend to annoy me more than I enjoy wearing them. I've found it increasingly hard to find a pair of denim shorts that doesn't a) flatten my butt and make me feel like I'm trapped inside of them b) looks like I'm wearing underwear made out of denim. Luckily, I didn't find only one, but two pairs of puuurrrfect denim cut offs in one of Brighton's many many vintage/second hand stores and in Urban Outfitters and these washed out black ones are one of them. 
The item that I'd been wanting for weeks are these flatform-espadrilles-inspired shoes. For weeks, I looked for them in a size bigger than I usually wear because they were simply too small on me and I eventually gave up, thinking that they'd slowly sell out everywhere anywhere. Then I stumbled upon them - in my size - for £4 instead of £15 in Bath. And that is how it took me a split second to grab them and head to the check out. But really, can you blame me? They're the perfect laid back summer shoe while being a bit more comfortable and walk-friendly than my espadrilles.

PS: Yes, I am well aware that I look like a bug with these sunglasses. Bzz

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