One day in Bath

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Now that I am back in Brighton and it's raining cats and dogs outside (it's after 11am, I've been up since 8 and we still haven't left the house - that's how bad it is), I finally have the time to sit down and put together a small post with some pictures I took during our short stay in Bath. While we slept in a little guest house in Bath for two nights, we only had one proper full day there, as we visited Salisbury and Winchester, two smaller cities, on our way there and back home. 
I generally found Bath to be very cute and pitoresque at times, but I have to admit that my expectations are (unrealistically) high when it comes to exploring other English cities now that I've had the chance to live in Brighton for almost two years. While I did definitely not starve in Bath, I was a bit underwhelmed by the food choices available for vegans, but I did have the one or other tasty meal here or there. My family and I mainly did touristy things such as visiting the Roman Baths, which I did enjoy quite a bit as the whole site revealed just how much history this city holds.
That being said, I'd advise everyone to visit the Roman Baths (which most people will do anyway) and pay the Fashion Museum a visit as well (I unfortunately didn't have enough time to do so myself), have coffee at the Boston Tea Party café right in the centre of Bath (there you'll find sandwiches, smoothies, cake, coffee and flapjacks - vegan options are always available) and pay a visit to the charming little Tilley's Bistro, a French/English restaurant with (surprisingly!) vegan options!

PS: One thing I did discover in Bath, was that downstairs apartments can be incredibly cute (given that you don't live on a noisy, dirty street)

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