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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

When you're reading this, I've already arrived in Berlin and I'm probably on my way out the door to spend the day with friends. Even though Berlin will my our first stop on our four week long trip, the proper first stop of our Interrail tour will be Gdansk, where we'll head to early on Friday morning. Since I'll be living out of my (ginormous) backpack for the next three to four weeks, I've left my laptop at home, where I decided it would be safer than it would be with me, moving to a new city every couple of days. However, I did make the effort to pre-write and schedule a bunch of blog posts, so that the blog won't be quiet during my time away. I've managed to prepare enough posts so that updates should be happening about twice a week, so look out for that. In the meantime, if you want to see what I'm getting up to on my adventure the following few weeks and don't want to wait until I'm back and can tell you all about it on here, do follow me on my different social media accounts:

Twitter | Instagram | Snapchat: noraameliie

I'll probably be most active on Instagram (prepare for some serious spamming) but I'll also try to snap, given that I don't forget about it or I find wifi every now and then to actually post the snaps.
Until then, I hope you enjoy the next few posts coming up, and do go ahead and leave comments, I'll definitely be checking blogspot every once in a while!

PS: If you still have tips on where to go/what to do in Gdansk, Warsaw, Prague, Budapest and Rovinj (Croatia) - shoot!

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