Leaves on leaves

Friday, 28 August 2015

jumpsuit: vero moda shoes: h&m divided

Back in July when I was alone at home for a week and I didn't really have anyone to take pictures of me more or less regularly, I did something I hadn't done in a while: I used my camera remote and tried to find a spot where I could take some pictures by myself. Ever since I've gotten my brother or friends to take outfit pictures of me, I've disliked having to take pictures using the camera remote, especially because I tried to avoid standing in the middle of a street in my village and being stared at. Luckily, I quite like the outcome of these pictures, as the backdrop doesn't distract as much but even plays a bit into the whole look of the pictures, given the great leaf pattern on my jumpsuit. I do look pale as hell, especially with all that green going on around me but I still wanted to use the pictures and show you this gorgeous jumpsuit. It's that perfect, flowing piece of clothing for when the temperatures climbs and all you want to wear is underwear, as it looks great on its own without having to add accessories (especially jewellery is something I hate wearing when I'm feeling like I could melt anytime).

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