Bother Free Days

Saturday, 22 August 2015

overalls: second hand  t-shirt: asos shoes: pronti

I haven't worn overalls since I was eleven. And quite frankly, I was more or less convinced that saying goodbye to my black H&M overalls meant a definite goodbye from them for good, or at least for a good few years. Since denim overalls have increasingly started popping up here and there - especially amongst bloggers - I've eyed with them for a while but my train of thought about getting some myself usually ended with the decision that I would probably look like a toddler in them anyway. And I was right - nothing can make you look more like a toddler than denim overalls with Winnie the Pooh on them and a quote saying "Bother free days" (probably my favourite part about the overalls). I'm twenty and I bought Winnie the Pooh overalls last week. And I love them. There, I said it. I have decided to officially stop caring about weird looks I might get (especially in Luxembourg) and came to the conclusion that they're too awesome not to buy and wear to death, especially now that I'll be city-tripping for a while. I really do love letting my inner child come out sometimes (aka more than I'd like to admit, ha).

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