Blog Post Roundup #5

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Snapshot of Winchester

Between a 12 hour long journey home, early coffee meetings and interrail organisation, I've been way too busy to find the time to put together a new blog post the last two/three days. Now that some things are sorted and I've finally unpacked, I wanted to post a small Blog Post Roundup, seeing that I haven't made one of those in a while even though I really enjoy putting them together. As I've spent less time reading blogs over the last two weeks, since I was on holiday with my family, I only have three links to share with you guys today but I hope that you'll want to have a look at them anyway.

How to shop trends mindfully - Something a lot of fashion bloggers (as well as a lot of other people) can easily relate with: a nice read on how to reduce mindless shopping and buying the right things for each season without filling your closet to the brim with pieces you won't like anymore after only a season. This definitely reminded me to be more aware of what I buy.

Can Millennials Have It All? - The recently launched IntoTheFoldMag is filled with creative, insightful and funny posts and this one is one which I particularly like. I can definitely relate with the struggles described that our generation seems to face more often than not and I like the perspective that is given through this article.

How to survive a shit-day - Because everyone has them once in a while and that's ok. What to add to the list of survival: watching lots and lots of Gossip Girl!

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