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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

sweater, shoes: h&m skirt: bershka

On Monday night, I arrived in Brighton and was joined early in the evening yesterday by my parents and brother. For the next (almost) two weeks, I'll be able to let out my inner tourist in Brighton (and other places in England I'll be visiting) without having to worry about going to seminars or working on assessments. Before my family arrived yesterday, I had a long stroll around the city by myself and took a first glance at my favourite shops bearing the "final reductions" signs. Unlike today, where I rummaged through the sales sections for a little bit as well, yesterday I found two great pieces within a short amount of time and coincidentally, I really like combining them together: a striped skirt from Bershka (I'm a sucker for stripes if you haven't noticed yet) and yet another pair of the beloved ugly shoes from H&M. Both items were £6 and £7, which really is a fantastic bargain as I believe I'll be getting a lot of wear out of them. While I really liked the pattern/material combination of the sweater and skirt, I ended up wearing a grey t-shirt instead of the sweater because it was actually quite warm out!

PS: Not the most fabulous backdrop for outfit pictures in this post, but my stomach was more interested in getting to town as quickly as possible to get breakfast, for me to have the patience to go location scouting - you know what I mean?

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  1. Such a nice outfit, in love with the monochrome skirt


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