August Inspiration & Plans

Sunday, 2 August 2015

all pictures via my tumblr

Now that the month of July has turned the corner and waved goodbye, it's time to see what August has in store for me. While I spent all of July at home, sunbathing, meeting friends and enjoying the freedom of spending hours on end watching tv shows or reading books, I will almost constantly be on the go in August. Starting tomorrow, when my family and I will head to Brighton for two weeks for our holiday, August will be one heck of a busy month for me. I'll finally get to see other parts of England that I haven't had a chance to visit yet and I will finally experience Brighton in the middle of summer, with overcrowded beaches and all. After that, I'll be back home for barely a week before I'm off to what I'm hoping to become one of my biggest, most adventurous trips so far: I'll be on the road for almost four weeks with a group of friends, starting our journey in Berlin and then interrailing through Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Croatia (beach here I come!). I'm beyond excited as I'll get to discover 4 new countries and 5 new cities, spend time with some of my best friends and stay at the most adorable flats. On that note: do any of you have suggestions of things to do (and even places to eat?) in Gdansk, Warsaw, Prague and Budapest? Any tips will be greatly appreciated!
Given that most of my August will be spent travelling, I thought that this month's inspiration/mood board should be filled with roadtrip pictures, the sea and beaches! What are your plans for this month?


  1. there's a hummus bar in budapest :) i've never been there but my friends say it's great

    1. mmmhhh i need to visit that bar!! thanks for the tip :)

  2. I have been to Warsaw for my bachelorette last year - it is definitely a very beautiful city full of nice things to see and to do! Great food!



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