Leaves on leaves

Friday, 28 August 2015

jumpsuit: vero moda shoes: h&m divided

Back in July when I was alone at home for a week and I didn't really have anyone to take pictures of me more or less regularly, I did something I hadn't done in a while: I used my camera remote and tried to find a spot where I could take some pictures by myself. Ever since I've gotten my brother or friends to take outfit pictures of me, I've disliked having to take pictures using the camera remote, especially because I tried to avoid standing in the middle of a street in my village and being stared at. Luckily, I quite like the outcome of these pictures, as the backdrop doesn't distract as much but even plays a bit into the whole look of the pictures, given the great leaf pattern on my jumpsuit. I do look pale as hell, especially with all that green going on around me but I still wanted to use the pictures and show you this gorgeous jumpsuit. It's that perfect, flowing piece of clothing for when the temperatures climbs and all you want to wear is underwear, as it looks great on its own without having to add accessories (especially jewellery is something I hate wearing when I'm feeling like I could melt anytime).

Off I go!

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

When you're reading this, I've already arrived in Berlin and I'm probably on my way out the door to spend the day with friends. Even though Berlin will my our first stop on our four week long trip, the proper first stop of our Interrail tour will be Gdansk, where we'll head to early on Friday morning. Since I'll be living out of my (ginormous) backpack for the next three to four weeks, I've left my laptop at home, where I decided it would be safer than it would be with me, moving to a new city every couple of days. However, I did make the effort to pre-write and schedule a bunch of blog posts, so that the blog won't be quiet during my time away. I've managed to prepare enough posts so that updates should be happening about twice a week, so look out for that. In the meantime, if you want to see what I'm getting up to on my adventure the following few weeks and don't want to wait until I'm back and can tell you all about it on here, do follow me on my different social media accounts:

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I'll probably be most active on Instagram (prepare for some serious spamming) but I'll also try to snap, given that I don't forget about it or I find wifi every now and then to actually post the snaps.
Until then, I hope you enjoy the next few posts coming up, and do go ahead and leave comments, I'll definitely be checking blogspot every once in a while!

PS: If you still have tips on where to go/what to do in Gdansk, Warsaw, Prague, Budapest and Rovinj (Croatia) - shoot!

Bother Free Days

Saturday, 22 August 2015

overalls: second hand  t-shirt: asos shoes: pronti

I haven't worn overalls since I was eleven. And quite frankly, I was more or less convinced that saying goodbye to my black H&M overalls meant a definite goodbye from them for good, or at least for a good few years. Since denim overalls have increasingly started popping up here and there - especially amongst bloggers - I've eyed with them for a while but my train of thought about getting some myself usually ended with the decision that I would probably look like a toddler in them anyway. And I was right - nothing can make you look more like a toddler than denim overalls with Winnie the Pooh on them and a quote saying "Bother free days" (probably my favourite part about the overalls). I'm twenty and I bought Winnie the Pooh overalls last week. And I love them. There, I said it. I have decided to officially stop caring about weird looks I might get (especially in Luxembourg) and came to the conclusion that they're too awesome not to buy and wear to death, especially now that I'll be city-tripping for a while. I really do love letting my inner child come out sometimes (aka more than I'd like to admit, ha).

Blog Post Roundup #5

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Snapshot of Winchester

Between a 12 hour long journey home, early coffee meetings and interrail organisation, I've been way too busy to find the time to put together a new blog post the last two/three days. Now that some things are sorted and I've finally unpacked, I wanted to post a small Blog Post Roundup, seeing that I haven't made one of those in a while even though I really enjoy putting them together. As I've spent less time reading blogs over the last two weeks, since I was on holiday with my family, I only have three links to share with you guys today but I hope that you'll want to have a look at them anyway.

How to shop trends mindfully - Something a lot of fashion bloggers (as well as a lot of other people) can easily relate with: a nice read on how to reduce mindless shopping and buying the right things for each season without filling your closet to the brim with pieces you won't like anymore after only a season. This definitely reminded me to be more aware of what I buy.

Can Millennials Have It All? - The recently launched IntoTheFoldMag is filled with creative, insightful and funny posts and this one is one which I particularly like. I can definitely relate with the struggles described that our generation seems to face more often than not and I like the perspective that is given through this article.

How to survive a shit-day - Because everyone has them once in a while and that's ok. What to add to the list of survival: watching lots and lots of Gossip Girl!

Denim & Tan

Saturday, 15 August 2015

shorts: to be worn again sweater: massimo dutti (second hand) shoes: h&m divided bag: / belts: second hand

Whilst I've been experiencing a bit of a writer's block again over the last week or two, I found quite a few gems here in Brighton (as I always do - I could literally shop myself into poverty here) and am thinking about a few outfits to put together and take pictures of before I'll be living in the same 5 pairs of shorts, t-shirts and trainers on my 4 week trip with a group of friends. 
In this particular set of pictures, I'm wearing two new things - one I needed (aka wanted anyway and argued to be necessary/practical/important/all that jazz) and one I'd been wanting for weeks now but never found in my size. The item that I needed was a new pair of denim shorts. The last denim shorts I remember buying are vintage ones I got in London 4 years ago now and it's safe to say that I've slowly grown out of them and that (too) tight shorts tend to annoy me more than I enjoy wearing them. I've found it increasingly hard to find a pair of denim shorts that doesn't a) flatten my butt and make me feel like I'm trapped inside of them b) looks like I'm wearing underwear made out of denim. Luckily, I didn't find only one, but two pairs of puuurrrfect denim cut offs in one of Brighton's many many vintage/second hand stores and in Urban Outfitters and these washed out black ones are one of them. 
The item that I'd been wanting for weeks are these flatform-espadrilles-inspired shoes. For weeks, I looked for them in a size bigger than I usually wear because they were simply too small on me and I eventually gave up, thinking that they'd slowly sell out everywhere anywhere. Then I stumbled upon them - in my size - for £4 instead of £15 in Bath. And that is how it took me a split second to grab them and head to the check out. But really, can you blame me? They're the perfect laid back summer shoe while being a bit more comfortable and walk-friendly than my espadrilles.

PS: Yes, I am well aware that I look like a bug with these sunglasses. Bzz

One day in Bath

Thursday, 13 August 2015

A trip along the seaside: Seven Sisters & Eastbourne

Saturday, 8 August 2015

After living in Sussex for almost two years (can you believe it? I sure can't - time flies!) I finally got the opportunity to explore a little bit around Brighton. Until now, the only place I visited close to Brighton was Hove, which is right next to Brighton and only requires a short bus ride or a walk along the coast. 

Bargain hunt

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

sweater, shoes: h&m skirt: bershka

On Monday night, I arrived in Brighton and was joined early in the evening yesterday by my parents and brother. For the next (almost) two weeks, I'll be able to let out my inner tourist in Brighton (and other places in England I'll be visiting) without having to worry about going to seminars or working on assessments. Before my family arrived yesterday, I had a long stroll around the city by myself and took a first glance at my favourite shops bearing the "final reductions" signs. Unlike today, where I rummaged through the sales sections for a little bit as well, yesterday I found two great pieces within a short amount of time and coincidentally, I really like combining them together: a striped skirt from Bershka (I'm a sucker for stripes if you haven't noticed yet) and yet another pair of the beloved ugly shoes from H&M. Both items were £6 and £7, which really is a fantastic bargain as I believe I'll be getting a lot of wear out of them. While I really liked the pattern/material combination of the sweater and skirt, I ended up wearing a grey t-shirt instead of the sweater because it was actually quite warm out!

PS: Not the most fabulous backdrop for outfit pictures in this post, but my stomach was more interested in getting to town as quickly as possible to get breakfast, for me to have the patience to go location scouting - you know what I mean?

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August Inspiration & Plans

Sunday, 2 August 2015

all pictures via my tumblr

Now that the month of July has turned the corner and waved goodbye, it's time to see what August has in store for me. While I spent all of July at home, sunbathing, meeting friends and enjoying the freedom of spending hours on end watching tv shows or reading books, I will almost constantly be on the go in August. Starting tomorrow, when my family and I will head to Brighton for two weeks for our holiday, August will be one heck of a busy month for me. I'll finally get to see other parts of England that I haven't had a chance to visit yet and I will finally experience Brighton in the middle of summer, with overcrowded beaches and all. After that, I'll be back home for barely a week before I'm off to what I'm hoping to become one of my biggest, most adventurous trips so far: I'll be on the road for almost four weeks with a group of friends, starting our journey in Berlin and then interrailing through Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Croatia (beach here I come!). I'm beyond excited as I'll get to discover 4 new countries and 5 new cities, spend time with some of my best friends and stay at the most adorable flats. On that note: do any of you have suggestions of things to do (and even places to eat?) in Gdansk, Warsaw, Prague and Budapest? Any tips will be greatly appreciated!
Given that most of my August will be spent travelling, I thought that this month's inspiration/mood board should be filled with roadtrip pictures, the sea and beaches! What are your plans for this month?