Vegan Eats | Trier: Yomaro Frozen Yoghurt

Friday, 10 July 2015

As a lot of people, I very quickly became a huge fan of frozen yoghurt when it became more known and popular here in Luxembourg a couple of years ago. After all, who doesn't love the concept of covering their "ice cream" in toppings ranging from fruit to sprinkles or even oreos? Logically, I had to drop frozen yoghurt once I decided to adopt a vegan diet...

This being said, I haven't had frozen yoghurt in over two years, which is why I got more than excited when I (more or less) accidentally found out that I could get vegan frozen yoghurt not too far from home. In fact, it would only take me a thirty minute drive, all I had to do was go to Trier, a close-by city in Germany a lot of people living in Luxembourg pay frequent visits to. While Yomaro doesn't exclusively sell vegan frozen yoghurt, it offers the dairy free option to those interested and with a wide choice of toppings, a lot of which are also fruit, you're sure to have a hard time deciding on what to get. The staff at Yomaro was super friendly and more than happy to give us more information about the toppings, when my friend, for example, asked if the dark chocolate chips were vegan too (they are!).

Neustrasse 78
54290 Trier


  1. Oh I was in Trier last week, if I had known this I would have gone there! But I'll keep it in mind for my next visit ;)

  2. have you ever had lunch in trier? if so, were did you go?:)

    1. Yes i have! There's always the option to go to an italian or asian restaurant, or i like going to Oh Bio Mio (inside of the Biogate supermarket), the restaurant/café is vegetarian and always has a couple of vegan options. If you're into sushi, go to Sushi Tokio (i think that's what it's called) for all you can eat sushi (it's a sushi 'train') and i recently discovered an indian place that seems to be having vegan meals as well, in Neustraße but i haven't had the opportunity to go there yet! :)


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