Familiar colour combination

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

t-shirt, skort, hat: h&m shoes: asos bag: /

In my last outfit post, I mentioned that I'm loving all things khaki, tan etc., so it is probably no surprise that today's outfit contained these colours again. However, I did not realise that I wore my snake skin shoes with pretty much the exact same colours as I did in this post until I was fully dressed and standing in front of the mirror. I guess you could say that some combinations just work and that my own subconscious tricked me into putting together this outfit?
Even though the weather's been cooling down (meaning below 30 degrees rather than close to 40 degrees, ha..ha.. did someone say heatwave?), the thermometer showed around 30 degrees again today, which called for something light to wear. While I enjoy summer with all its perks of good weather and free time, I find it the most challenging outfit-wise, especially when the temperatures are going crazy. Luckily, I managed to switch up the typical shorts/skirt-and-tshirt combination, which is quite simply the most comfortable outfit when all you want to do is sit in a pool, by adding my awesome snake skin shoes and tan accessories. Admittedly, I didn't actually wear the hat the entire day (too.damn.hot) but every fashion blogger cheats a little bit with their outfit pictures from time to time, right? The only thing that bugged me about this outfit is the fact that the colour of the hat and bag is not the same... #perfectionist


  1. What a crazy weather. Summer is always like this in Luxemburg? I mean, in my imagination it was always cold and cloudy over there. Here, where I live we have 30ºC everyday, if not 35ºC. We are not so happy when it's sumer time haha
    Your outfit is great and I think it cool they way you combine color for the pics.


    1. Oh summer in Luxembourg is very unpredictable! The weather can go form 15-18 degrees to almost 40 degrees within days, it's a bit crazy at times haha

  2. wow! so chic!



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