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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

playsuit: no name shop (NY) shoes: h&m

I personally have a love-hate relationship with summer when it comes to clothes. While I love having bare legs and not having to bring a coat along everywhere I go, I hate getting too warm, so I usually opt for something simple, comfortable and light when the temperatures go up. To me, even accessorising feels exhausting when all I want to do is sit in a pool. That's why I'm particularly happy when I find a special looking, yet comfortable piece of clothing that I can just throw on without worrying about accessories. As I've already told you in a recent post, I'm all for playsuits this summer, as those tend to be exactly the kind of piece of clothing that's so easy to wear without looking too boring. That being said, it's probably no surprise that once again, I bought a playsuit back when I was in New York. I particularly love this one because it has a bit of a boho, hippie vibe (did anyone say Coachella?) but is still quite simple as the colours of it are only navy and white. It's safe to say that this will be my go-to piece when I want to wear something else than a skirt and a light top, especially when I'm going out for a night in town where all I want to do is dance through the night without having to worry whether my outfit is outgoing enough when I'm not wearing some tightly fitting dress or skirt (it can get ridiculously hot in some clubs, loose clothing is always a plus). Admittedly, the fact that the playsuit has a closed back doesn't always helps when it's boiling hot, but the overall looseness of the sleeves and shorts make up for it. What about you, do you have a certain piece of clothing that's just perfect for those long, warm summer nights?

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