Vegan Eats | New York: Bliss Café

Thursday, 4 June 2015

During my stay in New York, I ate a huge variety of vegan foods, including food that would rather be categorised as "junk food" than the food I usually eat. While I loved discovering vegan versions of ice cream, cupcakes, pancakes and other delicious foods, I started craving vegetables like crazy at some point. Now, you can call me crazy here but I just need my veggies! And by that I don't mean some vegetables on a pizza or a side salad with my pancake "bacon" brunch, but simple, steamed or cooked vegetables. I really do feel the difference when I eat more processed and "junk food" categorised foods, which I take as a good thing, as my body is aware of what I'm eating. That being said, I (and my friend too!) was more than happy to discover Bliss Café, a cute little restaurant/café where they serve everything from sandwiches and wraps to big bowls of fresh, healthy goodness and tasty desserts. Bliss Café is located in Williamsburg, one of my favourite neighbourhoods in New York and we loved it so much there that we even went back for a second time. This place is definitely one I would recommend to anyone who needs a change from more processed foods, while still having a delicious meal!

Bliss Café
191 Bedford Avenue
NY 11211

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