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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

While studying abroad and especially living in an exciting and multi faceted (and really simply a paradise for vegans) place like Brighton is everything I've wanted to do since finishing school, it does mean that a lot of my time is, well, spent abroad rather than at home in Luxembourg. Clearly, I've had the most amazing experiences food-wise in Brighton, but giving the limited amount of time I get to spend in Luxembourg (particularly during the actual school year), I often miss out on new, exciting things going on in Luxembourg. 

A lot of the time, those new exciting things are new restaurants and cafés offering tasty vegan foods all over the country, especially around the capital. Unfortunately, Luxembourg tends to be behind in quite a few things, one of which is veganism, or more specifically in this case, the vegan diet. However, over the past six to twelve months, more and more vegetarian and vegan places have been popping up here and there or "regular" restaurants and cafés have started adapting their menus to the growing popularity of a plantbased diet and it has become increasingly easier to find soy milk or a vegan meal here or there in more and more restaurants.
One of the probably most popular places (or so it seems to me at least) to have appeared recently is Ready?! Now, as I said, I miss out on a lot of restaurant and café openings throughout the year when I'm not actually in Luxembourg, so this might be old news to a lot of you (luxemburg-based readers) out there, but today I finally got the chance to pay this overly cute place a visit with my friend and I was not disappointed! I spotted three different vegan wraps/sandwiches and soy milk on their menu, along with fresh juices - something else that's been getting more popular amongst a lot of people. I loved everything about Ready?!, starting at the interior, over to the service and of course the food! I'm definitely keeping this cute little spot in mind the next time I'm in need of a quick coffee or juice or even sandwich.

35, avenue du bois
1521 Luxembourg

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