Tuesday, 2 June 2015

shirt: primark jeans: topshop

Even though I still have a few NYC related posts I want to write up over the next couple of days, I thought that I'd take advantage of the few outfits I shot with my housemate back in England to post something a little bit different and give you a small life update. 
As you might've noticed if you follow my Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat, I've been back home in Luxembourg for a couple of days now. After long goodbye hugs from my housemates and a 3 hour delayed flight, I finally made it home for the summer. I won't be spending my entire summer here as I'll be travelling as well, but for now I'm working a summer job to earn some money to finance these (and future) travels. I started my first day of work yesterday, where I'll be a waitress in a hotel/restaurant for a month. I'm slowly overcoming the fears of being a newbie, including being afraid of dropping just about everything or completely forgetting certain orders. I'm still getting used to the new challenges but it's really nice to do something different from making photocopies and filing documents, which I did the past two summers. Since I have a bit of material for the blog to publish here and there, I'll try my best to post regularly, but if I go missing for a little bit, know that I'm probably too busy working or too lazy to do anything but watch TV shows after finishing work!


  1. Have a great summer Nora! And good luck with the job... I can't imagine myself being a waitress, I have a hard time not dropping things even at home haha! x

  2. Such a simple but classy look! Love the shirt <3


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