Kindness: spread it like glitter

Monday, 29 June 2015

Today, I had my last day at work (I worked as waitress in a hotel restaurant) and while it was quite challenging and annoying at times, I definitely learned a couple of things. Not only have I gotten more open towards complete strangers or learned how to mix long drinks, but I've also had the time to experience different people (customers) and their attitude towards others. It might only seem like something small, but I really noticed how the kindness and sympathy a client showed towards me completely changed my view of them. Once more, something I like to keep in mind when I'm in a bad mood and hate everything and everyone around me, became more important to me: kindness is key. In all different kinds of situations in life. Especially when a person works at a place where they have to face strangers - customers - all day, be that in a restaurant or store, every single person can have a small impact on how that working person feels. Luckily, I had a lot of very lovely people sitting at my tables, some I even had proper long conversations with (and I did get a lot of great tips as well haha) but whenever I had unfriendly customers, I immediately felt just a tiny little bit.. pulled down. Even if the service is slower than usual - for what reason whatsoever - or someone who serves you makes a mistake, why would you make them feel even worse about it? A reassuring smile or a kind word can help in a lot of situations in life, so why would you not choose to spread kindness instead of a bad mood? 
Before this text gets too long and I start rambling, I guess the conclusion I'm trying to steer towards to is: kindness - starting at a smile or an entire conversation - can improve each and everyone's lives. Not only do you improve the person's experience you've been kind to, but (and this sounds very karma-related) it comes back to you! Be kind to others and they will (most likely) be kind to you. Not that hard, is it?

"The highest form of wisdom is kindness." - The Talmud

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