New York City: my favourite spots

Saturday, 30 May 2015

For our stay in New York, my friend and I purchased the New York Pass, which allows you to go to over 80 attractions in the city, ranging from museums and monumental buildings all the way to movie and TV tours. While we did a lot of very touristy things, including spots such as the Moma and Empire State building, there are a few specific places I enjoyed a lot. Most of the time, they were a bit more special than the typical museum visits, but they were obviously still included in the NY Pass, so I'm not going to let myself look like too much of a special little flower, haha.

Cycling through Central Park
Even though my friend and I strolled through Central Park several time, it was particularly being able to ride through it on a bike which I found the most special. We rented bikes (the rental is for up to 3 hours) not too far from the park and then just rode a few rounds over the biking paths. Because how great is it to say you didn't only walk but actually biked through Central Park?!

The High Line
Between the more industrial parts of Chelsea and Meatpacking District, you can go up a flight of stairs and find yourself above the streets of New York and take a walk through the High Line. What used to be a railway for the transportation of food, has now been turned into a park you can stroll through. It's over 2km long and I didn't have the chance to walk through it all, but it gives of a great vibe as you walk between trees, flowers and grass a few meters above the Lower West Side of Manhattan.

Museum of Sex
Going to the Museum of Modern Art (Moma) is pretty much a given when you're visiting New York, but if you're looking for something a little bit different and endlessly entertaining, you should pop by the Museum of Sex located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Going with a friend rather than your parents is probably the smarter idea but either way, it's an interesting and giggle-worthy museum!

Top of the Rock
Visiting the Top of the Rock is more on the tourist-y side again but something I can only recommend doing! Even though I did enjoy being on top of the Empire State Building a lot (I went there when it was pitch dark), Top of the Rock offered you an awesome view of Central park and it made the best backdrop to make your friends a little bit jealous over Instagram or Facebook...


  1. These are such a cool selection of places. We have both been to NY and loved it, but only visited the really touristy bits - would love to check these ones out :)
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  2. I visited most of these places too (not the Museum of Sex though, haha!). Aah I would love to go to NYC again.


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