This is not a Michael Kors bag

Thursday, 23 April 2015

I've never been the kind of person to buy clothes, shoes, bags, etc. from specific brands. Even today, I will still happily spend less money on single items from ZARA or H&M than save up for a more expensive piece from a known designer label. 

I agree that the quality of things such clothing definitely increases (even though that is not always the case) when it comes from a more expensive brands, but in hindsight, I never really found myself regretting not having bought X bag by X designer. Especially since I've become vegan, I've become more and more aware how much animal cruelty is involved in the makng of clothes, shoes, bags or even cosmetics, and unfortunately, it is harder to avoid said cruelty when buying something from Louis Vuitton than from ZARA. Don't get me wrong, I really do enjoy the aesthetic of leather and fur, but I'd much rather own shoes and bags made out of fake leather and faux fur coats than actually wear, well... dead animal. 
The classic model of the Michael Kors bag which so many have been loving (including me) is something I've had my eye on for a while but never actually purchased because I either didn't want to spend such a big amount of money on a handbag, or, as my vegan diet started growing into more of a lifestyle, because the bags are made out of leather. So when my mum texted me from Tunisia two weeks ago, saying that she found dupes of the bag we've both wanted to get, I immediately answered that I'd love to have one too. 
Now, to make one thing clear: I don't like the bag because of the initials and the brand's logo - I am rather uncomfortable about that part of the bag and have been considering taking it off, as I don't feel it is okay to copy a designer's work in such detail, but I do enjoy the size and shape of the bag and the fact that it's made out of fake leather. I also love that you can turn it inside out, leaving you with either a black or brown version of it and it even came with a smaller, brown bag.
Maybe, if I find a handbag (or generally a piece of clothing, etc.) and animal cruelty wasn't involved in the process of its production, I'd consider saving up enough money to buy it, but for now, I'd much rather wear a fake Michael Kors bag from Tunisia than wear dead animal skin on my shoulder as a fashion statement. 
What do you think about designer dupes?


  1. I'm actually against buying designer fakes. If I don't have money for an original, I'll buy a cheaper, non-designer bag. Also because I think these are much lower quality. My sister bought two "Michael Kors" bags in Turkey last summer and both of them started to rip after a few months. Anyway, I'll be glad if you post about this bag 6 months or a year later reviewing the quality. :) x

    1. yes i'm very curious to see how the quality of it will be in a few months' time as well! i'm sure they won't last me close to as long as the original, but i'm well aware of that and i don't mind that, because i at least know that no animal has been harmed in the process of making it :)


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