March Inspiration

Sunday, 1 March 2015

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pictures via my tumblr

While I spent most of the last few days doing Uni work, February slowly started waving goodbye and March popped around the corner today... I'm still surprised that we're now already in the third month of 2015. Thinking about the new month lying ahead, I found myself to think further than March. I'll mainly be busy with Uni the next few weeks but I'll also have my dad visit me in a week, which I'm super excited about and I'll hopefully be going to London again as well. Thinking further ahead, I unfortunately won't be able to go on my favourite holiday with my family (crappy University holiday schedule...) but I've organised a trip to a place I've been dreaming to visit for years now.. can you guess where I'll be flying in May? I'm generally happy about all the sunshine we've been seeing here in Brighton over the last week or two and am hoping for more and more sunshine, as it really does brighten my mood and allows me to walk more! I also had my first ever Açai smoothie today and I'm still over the moon by how delicious it was and planning to buy Açai to make my own smoothies and bowls at home.


  1. Sehr schöne Inspirationen! :)
    xx Lia

  2. Omg have you tried the acai bowl?! So good! I need to try the smoothie next :)



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