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Monday, 16 March 2015

Açai smoothies/bowls. Ever since I tried my first açai smoothie a little while ago, I completely fell in love with it and all I've been wanting to eat/drink were smoothies with açai. Açai is a berry from Brazil which is said to have tons of antioxidants and a caffeine-like behaviour, only that it's released more slowly, avoiding the 'crash' some might know to have after having coffee (I know I tend to have that quite often) Most importantly, it tastes super tasty and I automatically eat/drink more fruit because of it, so what's not to love? I found a cheaper way to get açai powder by buying it on Amazon instead of a shop here in Brighton, so this has been my breakfast pretty much every day for a while now!

Colourful coats. (from left to right: ZARA, Primark, Camden Town, Pull and Bear) It's no secret that I've been gathering more and more colourful coats over the past couple of months (three out of these four coats I actually bought this year already!) and I love every single one of them. The sunshine we've been having lately made me even more happy, as the colours matched the weather and my mood but I also really enjoy just throwing on a very simple outfit and adding one of my colourful coats to make it stand out, even if the weather is grey outside!
How to get away with murder. I have to admit, I only started watching this TV show yesterday (always a bit late to the party) but my housemate and I watched three episodes straight and I can already see this becoming one of my new favourite shows! I love the combination of crime and law (that might also be because I've been getting into Suits so much) and I'm a big fan of Shonda Rhimes' Grey's Anatomy, so this really hits the nail on the head.
Jasmine tea & Tiger teapot. I've been wanting a teapot for ages now, as I've never really been able to make more than a cup of tea for myself at a time, so when my dad visited me in Brighton last week and asked me if I needed anything, I immediately blurted out "a teapot!" and he got me this cute one from Tiger. To be absolutely honest with you, I mainly got it because of the copper part of the handle because... why not? I also finally bought some jasmine tea in an Asia supermarket. Jasmine tea is something I occasionally drank when I went for sushi or Asian food in general with my mum, so I decided to add another tea to out collection and I'm actually really enjoying it, especially with fresh mint leaves!
Primark pyjama pants. I'm the kind of person who sleeps in sweat pants (or shorts) most of the time but I always swoon over pretty pyjamas, especially pyjama pants. I got myself a pair of chequered pyjama pants from Primark a little while ago but they unfortunately ripped and I haven't gotten around fixing them, so I got myself a new pair when I went on a little shopping trip with my friend. They're just so cosy and it would've felt wrong not to include them in this post!?

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  1. Such a cute post!
    I love Primark pyjamas too, they are so incredible soft! :-)


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