My cosy Sunday

Sunday, 1 February 2015

I'm the kind of person who enjoys winter for a little while - until I start getting tired of the cold. For some reason, I always have to remind myself that I am in fact, born in winter and spring is still far away. Even though the temperatures are constantly changing at the moment, we still have  a few super rainy days here (I do live in the UK after all) and exactly those days inspired me to write up  a little post on how I spend those days and maybe share one or two things I enjoy doing on those days with you.

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My favourite place ever is my bed and especially since I now have a double bed, I admittedly spend way too much time snuggled up in my blanket (would you have guessed that I'm writing this post in bed? yep) Unfortunately, I only own two sets of bedding, so an addition to that non-existing collection would be more than welcome. I've been loving light coloured bedding and stumbled across some beautiful light blue and light beige on Parachute Home when having a little browse. I am, however, still a student and would quite frankly rather spend my money on food and clothes, but maybe it's time that I invest some money in good quality bedding.

undersizedcloset, undersized closet, parachute
Even though the obvious choice of drink on a cold winter day would be tea, I've recently been playing around in the kitchen a little bit and apart from making my own orange juice every now and then for a nice Vitamin C bomb, I've also rediscovered my love for smoothies. Especially ones with lots of cocoa powder. (still counts as a smoothie even though it tastes like chocolate cake, right?) I usually just blend up two bananas with coconut/soy/almond milk or whatever other plant milk I've got in the house, some water, date syrup, vanilla essence and cocoa powder. If I feel like I need a little kick to wake me up, I'll add a teaspoon of matcha powder.

undersizedcloset, undersized closet, parachute
It's no secret that I am (or at least should be) constantly glued to another book as literature student. Even though most of the books I'm reading for class at the moment are quite interesting, that unfortunately leaves me barely any time to read my own choice of books. I'm currently reading a few pages of The Science of Skinny every now and then, but I'd really like to get my hands on some other books like #GirlBoss sometime...

undersizedcloset, undersized closet, parachute
Music wise, I re-discovered my love for George Ezra and his album Wanted on Voyage. I find his voice super relaxing, even if some songs are a bit quicker and oh so catchy.

What do you like to do, drink and listen to on a cosy day in? Any fellow all-day-in-bed-lovers here?


  1. Hhaha I normally watch Korean drama or Netflix all day in bed, it's so relaxing :) Glad you're enjoying your cosy day in!


  2. I only discovered last year how nice it is to spend entire rainy days in bed... not great for productivity but it's SO comfortable reading books/blogs etc in my blankets all day!

  3. Beautiful ! Love your boots !

    Follow me on GFC, I always follow back ! ;)



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