Adding some flare to my wardrobe

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

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... pun intended. 

For a little while now, I've been observing flared jeans or flares in general coming back in the fashion world and whilst I was always a bit unsure about this style of pants/jeans on myself, I loved how they made me think of my childhood when your coolness level was measured on how long and funky your flared jeans were. Apart from the more hippie inspired flares here and there, the main focus has been on jeans or suit-pants kind of pants in the flare cut. I love the more colourful, patterned pants for summer, but I think I should start investing in a simple pair of flared jeans in a lighter blue shade before moving on to the more colourful styles. I even tried on a pair at Topshop last week but hadn't made up my mind about them yet, but I can definitely see myself going back to have a peek and hopefully purchase a pair for myself when my bank account is being refilled again *cough* birthday in two days *cough*. Do you have any favourite(s) amongst the different flare styles?

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