Topshop A/W 2015

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

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topshop, fashion, lfw, london fashion week, london fashion week 2015, lfw 2015, topshop a/w 2015, a/w 15, a/w 2015, autumn, style

Whilst I find high fashion interesting and great to look at, I often find myself having a hard time getting particularly involved in it, as being able to see myself in the clothes presented plays a big role for me when it comes to whether I like something or not, and that doesn't work particularly well with a) clothes that are more art than actual wearable items and b) clothes that are wayyy out of my price league - so most of the time, I'll just pull some inspiration here and there but that's where about it ends. 
However, what I do enjoy, is getting to look at previews of upcoming collections I do see myself wearing and being able to purchase on my student budget. That's why I had a scroll through the pictures of the Topshop A/W 2015 show that took place in London a few days ago and I must admit, I liked what I saw! Even though I enjoyed the Clueless-esqued pieces (coats, dungaree dresses, etc.) with the typical chequered pattern, what stuck with me most was the use of different beige tones, the cuts of the pants, and the combination of light pieces with floral patterns and heavy fur coats. 

Is it weird that I'm kind of excited for Autumn again even though Spring is just around the corner? 

NYFW Street Style

Monday, 23 February 2015

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Who would I be not to scroll through hundreds and hundreds of Street Style pictures from last week's New York Fashion Week? As I've already mentioned before, (here) Street Style is quite certainly one of my biggest sources of inspiration on what to wear or what I wish I had in my closet. Yes, yes and yes to trench coats, camel, all grey outfits and massive, heavy coats! Maybe I'm not actually that ready for winter to be over yet? Or it's just my love/obsession for coats getting out of hand, who knows... I'll let the pictures do the talking now because to me, these kind of pictures are the exact definition of eye candy.

Blog Post Roundup #3

Sunday, 22 February 2015

view from the flat I stayed in in Rotterdam last summer

Seeing as it was my birthday on Friday, I had everything but blogging on my mind. My lovely housemate woke me up by throwing balloons into my room and making me breakfast, then we had birthday Wagamama lunch later in the day and after my hour of class, I started getting ready to celebrate and go out! Being 20 feels strange but not as bad as I thought. I think I'm slowly caring less about my age (if that isn't a sign of age than I don't know) and just being grateful for where I am in life right now. I had a wonderful day filled with love and cake (so much cake) and yesterday I was too knocked out and tired to do anything than lay in bed, eat and watch tv shows. This also means that I haven't had a spare minute to get pictures taken for the blog, but I thought I'd just share another Blog Post Roundup for now, until I have new content again. Happy Sunday, everyone!

Being a Fashion Blogger, expectations vs reality - Sara is taking a comical turn on all those things every fashion blogger (or blogger in general in some case) has to deal with. I did find myself chuckling here and there.

Soup against cold - My housemate made this soup a little while ago and as soon as I had a taste of it, I shouted "this has to go on your blog!!" Luckily, she had the same idea and now shared the recipe to this delicious sweet potato-carrot-soup on her blog for you guys to try out! I've already made it myself twice, it's just that good!

The fashion industry - my tips - Megan is one of my favourite bloggers and I remember watching her go from a University student and hobby blogger to her absolute dream job as a personal stylist at Asos. In this post, she shares great tips on how to get into the fashion industry but some tips are great for any field to build a career in.

Why you should drink hot lemon water every morning - While I rather drink room temperature water with half a lemon squeezed in it every morning, Tanisha talks about the benefits of drinking hot lemon water. It gives you a little boost early in the morning and I'll definitely have to try the hot version soon.

Adding some flare to my wardrobe

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

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... pun intended. 

For a little while now, I've been observing flared jeans or flares in general coming back in the fashion world and whilst I was always a bit unsure about this style of pants/jeans on myself, I loved how they made me think of my childhood when your coolness level was measured on how long and funky your flared jeans were. Apart from the more hippie inspired flares here and there, the main focus has been on jeans or suit-pants kind of pants in the flare cut. I love the more colourful, patterned pants for summer, but I think I should start investing in a simple pair of flared jeans in a lighter blue shade before moving on to the more colourful styles. I even tried on a pair at Topshop last week but hadn't made up my mind about them yet, but I can definitely see myself going back to have a peek and hopefully purchase a pair for myself when my bank account is being refilled again *cough* birthday in two days *cough*. Do you have any favourite(s) amongst the different flare styles?

2 juice recipes

Sunday, 15 February 2015

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I only recently found out about freshly made juices, made out of a mix of fruits and vegetables, but I immediately fell in love with the freshness and taste of juices and the different combinations I got to try whenever I came across a cafĂ© that sold them. Unfortunately, freshly pressed juices are quite an expensive choice of drink, meaning that I only had one occasionally and that often left a small hole in my wallet. I always thought about how great it would be to own a juicer myself but quickly dismissed that thought due to the fact that juicers tend to cost a few hundreds of pounds, which was quite simply out of my budget. Out of boredom, (let's be honest, I was probably procrastinating Uni work) I recently had a look around on eBay and Amazon to see what kind of prices juicers are sold for and one of the first ones I found was only £30! After reading a few reviews on it, it didn't take long for me to click the 'buy' button and it got delivered to my place two days later (yay for Amazon Prime!) I am now completely and utterly obsessed with making and drinking juices all the time and even though I haven't experimented with different combinations that much yet, I thought that I could share two variations I've been loving on here. If you don't happen to have a juicer, you can also try and blend the ingredients with a hand blender and then put the juice through a strainer. You might have to add some water though. (or just get a £30 juicer like I did, ha)

Fluffy bargain

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

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undersizedcloset, undersized closet, undersizedcloset blog, undersized closet blog, ootd, outfit, outfit of the day, blogger, bloggers, fashion, fashion blogger, fashion bloggers, trend, style, fur, fake fur, leather, fake leather, nike, primark, river island, pull and bear, pastel blue
undersizedcloset, undersized closet, undersizedcloset blog, undersized closet blog, ootd, outfit, outfit of the day, blogger, bloggers, fashion, fashion blogger, fashion bloggers, trend, style, fur, fake fur, leather, fake leather, nike, primark, river island, pull and bear, pastel blue
coat: pull and bear pants: river island sweater: primark shoes: nike

I'm the kind of person who sees something in a store and needs to have it - now. I don't have the patience (or I quite frankly simply don't think that far) to wait until the item that I want might go on sale (especially when it's on the bit pricier side) Luckily, I've gotten to the point where I managed to reduce impulse buys and end up sleeping a few nights over it before I may or may not go back to the store to get it. The one thing I have, however, been recently unable to resist are coats! As you might have read in my last outfit post, it took me 0.5 seconds to decide on whether or not (I did) to buy a pastel blue coat - the low price caught me and off it wandered into my wardrobe. This blue fluffyness of a fur coat was purchased in a similar situation, but hear me out. I originally just went into Pull and Bear to hand in my CV, when this coat caught my eye. Thinking that it looked interesting, I wondered how much this kind of coat would cost at Pull and Bear and almost fainted when I saw the price. It was reduced to *drumroll* £9.99! Its original price was £45, so I tried it on, looked at my housemate and said "I can't not buy it" and that's the story of how I got to the possession of a pastel blue pet yeti... erm coat. Can you blame me though? This is the fluffiest, happiest item in my wardrobe and it's just so... awesome. I'll stop blabbering about my love for this coat now and leave you to admire it yourself. Have you made any barrrrrrrrrrrrgains so far this year?

PS: props to my housemate for having the brilliant idea to take pictures of me in front of something else than the usual white house

February Inspiration

Friday, 6 February 2015

all pictures can be found on my tumblr

A little bit of inspiration to start into the first month of February. Here's to hoping that the sun stays and the temperatures go up. February will be filled with seeing friends and family, turning 20 (what?!) and lots of work. Who else is impatiently awaiting spring?

Pastel Blue

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

sweater, boots: new look skort: h&m coat: primark

"How is this coat from Primark?!" - these were (no joke) my first thoughts when I came across this beauty of a pastel blue coat whilst having a little browse through Primark a couple of days ago. The fact that it was only £23 didn't exactly help my shock (or my wallet) but how pretty is this? The pictures don't quite pick up how high quality the coat looks, which is the main reason that I bought it - apart from finding it preeetty of course. My friend had gotten an almost identical coat to this one in black from Zara a week earlier but for four times the amount of money, so I couldn't walk past this one. I love the colour of it and it was definitely the right decision to take it home with me, as I've already worn it plenty of times and it looks good with just about everything: all black outfits, different patterns and even with other colourful pieces. I played around with the colour settings of the pictures quite a bit though as I wasn't too happy about the lighting, so you can't see the actual, real life colour of the coat on these pictures but you get an idea and I'm sure that it'll make another appearance on the blog in the future!

My cosy Sunday

Sunday, 1 February 2015

I'm the kind of person who enjoys winter for a little while - until I start getting tired of the cold. For some reason, I always have to remind myself that I am in fact, born in winter and spring is still far away. Even though the temperatures are constantly changing at the moment, we still have  a few super rainy days here (I do live in the UK after all) and exactly those days inspired me to write up  a little post on how I spend those days and maybe share one or two things I enjoy doing on those days with you.