Travelling Wishlist 2015

Monday, 12 January 2015

After having read Laura's post on the different places she would like to travel this year or further in the future, I realised that this is the perfect kind of post for me to write too, as I'm a huge travelling enthusiast and I love how many places I was able to visit in 2014. Given that the weather is a bit grey and dull outside at the moment, I decided to have a scroll through my Pinterest Travel board and pick a few destinations I would love to visit. Obviously, I'm still very much of a (mainly broke) student, so I certainly won't be able to visit all of these places this year or even in 2016 but one can dream, right?
(all pictures were found via Pinterest)

ROME Rome is a city I have been before but unfortunately have a hard time remembering a lot of. I went there with my mum, grandma and great aunts when I was about 10 or 11 years old and to be honest, the clearest memory I have of that trip is the amount of pain my feet were in in the evening after walking over pavement for hours on end. I've recently rediscovered Rome and its beauty (bless the internet, ha) and could totally see myself strolling through the city in a summery dress, wearing sunglasses and holding ice cream in one hand and my camera in the other. While we're on the subject of food: pizza and pasta all day everyday, hello?! But in all seriousness, I would love to experience the flair, warmth and beauty of Vespas, gorgeous architecture and Italian laid back-ness.

NEW YORK CITY New York City is one of these places I've been dreaming to visit ever since I saw the first episodes of Gossip Girl (such a cliché, I know) and fell in love with the idea of walking through streets with skyscrapers and busy people. Seeing numerous bloggers writing about NYC's charms has only made me want to go there even more over the past few years, so this trip is probably at the very top of my list right now.

COPENHAGEN The furthest I've been up north was Tallinn, the capital of Estonia and even though you can clearly not compare all the Baltic and Scandinavian countries with each other, I have a feeling that I would love Copenhagen just as much as I loved Tallinn. With a little bit of luck and organisation, this might even be the one destination I'll actually have the chance to go visit in 2015.

TOKYO While I've always been fascinated with different Asian countries and always heard about how amazing Thailand and Vietnam are from my parents, I've recently become more interested in Japan and its culture, and especially - Tokyo. After seeing Erika's pictures of her trip to Tokyo last year, it's been on my wishlist of places to visit. Tokyo seems like such a different, exciting place, especially compared to the places I've been so far (most of which are in Europe)

SANTORINI I feel like Santorini is the typical, beautiful place to go to if you want to lay on the beach, discover small towns filled with pretty white houses and eat your weight in dolmades and olives. A friend of mine went to Santorini in summer 2014 and loved it, so I've definitely been considering visiting it sometime soon. I have to admit though - I don't love the heat. Anything above 25-28°C is usually already way too much for me, so I would probably preferably go to Greece in Spring, when the temperatures are still bearable (for me).

What about you, do you have any places you want to visit or that you simply like to daydream about on grey, rainy days?


  1. rome is a beautiful city, i will like to go there.
    i am following your blog, please follow back

  2. You can get super cheap tickets to CPH and all other Scandinavian airports on SAS Youth :)


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